New Jersey Restraining Order Lawyer

Are you being stalked or harassed? Has someone threatened or assaulted you? Is it a spouse, or a partner, or maybe a complete stranger? Whether you know your offender or not, abuse, both physical and mental, is a serious crime. Your safety is a priority to the lawyers at Castronovo & McKinney. Our attorneys can assist you in filing a restraining order to help ensure your protection.

Abuse is not biased. It occurs in every race, gender, and socio-economic group each year. Therefore, it is important to know how to get help. Filing a restraining order and attaining a skilled lawyer, such as those at Castronovo & McKinney, are your first steps.

Restraining Orders in NJ

A New Jersey Temporary Restraining Order can be filed at your local police station or at your county Superior Court (Family Division). This Temporary Restraining Order will prohibit your abuser from having contact with you. The order can include a variety of conditions including your abuser keeping a certain distance from you at all times, forbidding phone calls, text messages, e-mails, etc. from your abuser, or granting temporary support until the situation is resolved if you are married to your abuser.

It is critical to accurately convey all of the abuse that you have experienced. Each incident should be thoroughly described to paint a picture. This information will play a role in determining whether or not your NJ Temporary Restraining Order will become permanent.

Your Day in Court

Shortly after receiving your Temporary Restraining Order, you will be required to appear at a hearing in court. Your abuser will be there as well. At this time, a judge will hear your case and rule on a Final Restraining Order. Knowing that your safety and protection are of value, it is important to make sure that a Temporary Restraining Order becomes permanent (Final Restraining Order). Castronovo & McKinney’s experienced lawyers can support you through this difficult process.

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