New Jersey Alimony Lawyers

If you live in New Jersey and a divorce is in your future, it’s possible that alimony may be as well.

Spousal support can often create conflict during the divorce process. The divorce lawyers at Castronovo & McKinney can work with you to reach an agreeable alimony sum. However, if you do not consider an alimony settlement equitable, our attorneys are prepared to use more assertive means.

Alimony in N.J.

Although every divorcee does not qualify for spousal support, you may be eligible for some type of alimony. Unfortunately, determining which type is suitable for your situation can become complex. Alimony judgments are based on a variety of factors including income, health, education, standard of living, marriage length, and more. Let Castronovo & McKinney’s attorneys help you make these decisions.

New Jersey Spousal Support

Being familiar with the various types of spousal support, as well as attaining quality legal counsel can make a difference. Temporary (pendent lite) alimony can be granted during the divorce process until final divorce and alimony judgments are established. Short term spousal support may be awarded in the form of rehabilitative alimony, in order to build a spouse’s workforce skills with training and education to improve his or her employability. If limited duration alimony is put in place, the period of time that a spouse receives support is fixed as a specified number of months or years. Alimony can also be used to repay a spouse for the part that he or she played in the other spouse’s success. Finally, when a long-term marriage comes to an end, a spouse may receive permanent alimony.

Maintain Your Lifestyle

Whether temporary or permanent, all alimony has the same purpose. The goal of spousal support is to preserve a financial lifestyle comparable to that experienced prior to divorce. This ensures that one spouse is not forced to endure financial hardship as a result of the divorce. As such, alimony can have a lifelong impact.

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The seasoned New Jersey divorce lawyers at Castronovo & McKinney will work with legal prowess to attain an alimony ruling that you find suitable. Our attorneys are available to answer questions, discuss your unique situation, or to help modify your existing alimony agreement. Contact us today for outstanding legal representation.

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