Prenuptial Agreements in New Jersey

nj prenuptial agreements

Marriage and domestic partnerships are both big commitments. Unfortunately, the ending of a relationship can become emotional, confusing, and complex.

Entering into a New Jersey Prenuptial Agreement (prenup) prior to these commitments is a way to protect yourself and your assets, should something go wrong. Castronovo & McKinney’s experienced Prenuptial Agreement attorneys can create an agreement that fits your unique situation and needs.

Prenuptial Agreements in N.J.

Whether you are looking to protect your home, investments, business, or inheritance, properly drafting a Prenuptial Agreement can help. A well-written prenuptial ensures that your assets are not subject to equitable distribution in the event of a divorce. Perhaps you would like the contract to expire after a specified time. A clause can be written in to cover this request. Even the terms and amount of alimony can be laid out in a prenup. A Prenuptial Agreement can shorten legal divorce battles by outlining assets and settlements ahead of time.

Keep in mind that in order for a New Jersey Prenuptial Agreement to be deemed legally valid, it must meet specific criteria. Both parties must obtain their own legal counsel for representation when settling the prenup. NJ Prenuptial Agreements must be voluntarily entered into with adequate time to evaluate the terms of the agreement. And finally, both of the involved parties must disclose all of their assets in the Prenuptial Agreement. Without meeting all of these conditions, a Prenuptial Agreement is not valid in the state of New Jersey.

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If you live in New Jersey and are engaged or entering a domestic partnership, there are things to consider. Were you previously married? Does your fiancé have substantial debt? Do you own your own business? Are you expecting to inherit a significant amount in the future?

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All of these factors are contributing reasons to seek out a knowledgeable and skilled New Jersey Prenuptial Agreement lawyer. The attorneys at Castronovo & McKinney can advise you on your prenuptial proceedings.