Legal Separation in New Jersey

The dissolution of a marriage is a complicated and stressful process. A divorce attorney will be your advocate for the establishment of a mutually agreeable settlement between you and your spouse. Negotiating the terms of a divorce can be emotionally straining. Trust the experience and knowledge of the law office of Castronovo & McKinney to help you minimize the stress in your divorce process.

Legal Separation in NJ

Dissolving a marital status is a legally complicated undertaking. States have different requirements for filing for divorce, such as minimum time since marriage commencement. Additionally, settlement terms may be different depending on whether or not either party was at “fault” (the grounds of this term also vary). When negotiating a settlement, both monetary and intangible elements come into play. Besides the division of marital property and assets, there is also alimony and child custody to consider.

New Jersey Divorce Cases

In New Jersey, cases of divorce (also known as martial termination), are heard in the county level Superior Court. For example, Morristown is county seat of Morris County, NJ and the location of the Superior Court. After the Family Division of the court has heard the case and a judgment for divorce issued, the case is considered to be closed. Details of the case, including copies of the decree are kept in the Superior Court Clerk’s office in the Trenton, NJ warehouse. Because the law and statutes vary from county to county within each state, obtaining an experienced New Jersey divorce lawyer with familiarity in your particular jurisdiction is imperative.

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The law office of Castronovo & McKinney has been assisting New Jersey residents through divorce and family law proceedings for over a decade. Our attorneys pride themselves in practicing law respectfully and effectively in the sensitive issues that surround divorce. Castronovo & McKinney specialize in this type of situation, which can vary greatly in complexity depending on the involvement of children, asset types, and reasoning for separation. Obtaining a reputable and individualized lawyer in your legal separation case is the first crucial step in reaching the best possible outcome.

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