New Jersey Judgment Modification

Although a legal divorce is final, the terms of the agreement don’t always have to be. If you have experienced a substantial change in your life that impacts your ability to uphold the judgment, you may qualify for a legal modification. Likewise, a change in your partner’s life may be grounds for a judgment modification too. Our experienced New Jersey divorce attorneys at Castronovo & McKinney can help you file a motion to alter the conditions of your spousal support, child custody, or child support.

Judgement Modification in N.J.

Alimony, or spousal support, can be impacted by a number of factors. A recent drop in your income, a professional retirement, or a business failure could hinder your ability to make payments. On the contrary, an increase in income or in living costs may also affect alimony. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to modify an alimony judgment. In New Jersey, in order to file for an alimony modification you must demonstrate a “Burden of Proof.” What this means is that you must prove that an experience out of your control has altered your financial status. Hiring a qualified New Jersey alimony lawyer can help your reach a positive outcome, such as modifying your alimony obligations, reducing your payments, or even completely ending alimony.

As Your Situation Changes So Can Your Payment

In New Jersey, although it is common for families to change as they grow, changing child custody agreements is more difficult. A judgment modification for child custody or visitation requires a significant difference in a parent’s circumstances. For example, if a parent has recently undergone a major relocation or alteration in employment hours, this may be grounds for a child custody judgment modification. A negative adjustment to living conditions, such as drug use, can also qualify you for a modification to your current child custody agreement. Our attorneys are skilled in navigating the legal process for achieving your judgment modification.

We can help if you need to alter your New Jersey child support edict too. If you or your spouse has recently experienced a significant increase in income, your child deserves to benefit from that increase as well. A child support judgment modification can increase the amount of financial support being received or provided. Similarly, if there has been an increase in financial need for the child, such as day care or education costs, a parent may request additional support. In order to ensure that your judgment modification plea is properly filed, it is important to secure knowledgeable legal counsel.

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Whether you are seeking to end your spousal support or would like to increase your child custody visitations, the New Jersey divorce lawyers at Castronovo & McKinney can help. We will aggressively handle your case to obtain the results you want.