Hudson County Divorce

If you are seeking to terminate your Hudson County marriage with dignity, Castronovo & McKinney would be honored to assist you. Despite what you may believe during this challenging time, you have more options than you may realize. After reviewing the particulars of your situation, our knowledgeable family and divorce law attorneys can help explore them with you.

About Divorce Law in Hudson County

The legal term for divorce in New Jersey is Divorce from the Bond of Matrimony. You will likely base your divorce on the grounds of irreconcilable differences. This means that your marriage has broken down, there is no possibility of reconciliation and this has been the state of your marriage for no less than six months. The residency requirement in this situation is one year. The courts require a great deal of documentation when a couple seeks to dissolve their marriage. You will need to provide extensive financial information, to include proof of income, tax returns, pension information, bank account statements and much more. Your divorce attorney will assist you in preparing the necessary disclosures and negotiating settlements and agreements for the many issues that arise. Our firm handles all of these divorce-related matters with you.

  • Divorce Mediation
  • Child Support & Child Custody
  • Property Distribution
  • Maintenance/Alimony
  • Postnuptial and Prenuptial Agreements
  • Modifications of Judgments
  • Paternity
  • Restraining Orders

Castronovo & McKinney also represents couples wishing to terminate their civil unions.

About Castronovo & McKinney, Family & Divorce Law

Castronovo & McKinney has been representing families like yours in Hudson County and throughout New Jersey for over a decade. These years of in-depth experience have given us valuable insight into the challenges you face when seeking to end your marriage. Our role as your legal representative is to help you and your spouse reach an agreement that best meets the priorities you have established. Naturally, this can be extremely difficult when you cannot agree and are unable to move forward amicably. Our experience as divorce mediators is vital in these situations. However, if you remain deadlocked, we have years of trial experience and are prepared to advocate for you in court.

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Your needs in the divorce process are unique. This is why a personal consultation is essential to determine what your specific situation calls for. Call (973)-920-7888 to discuss the details of your Hudson County divorce with a knowledgeable and compassionate Castronovo & McKinney Divorce Lawyer.